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2nd Quarter 2016 Portfolio Returns 0

2nd Quarter 2016 Portfolio Returns

Posted by on Jul 19, 2016 in Beginning Investing, Do it yourself investors (DIY), Financial Education/Literacy, PreK-12 Educators

It’s that time of the year, the Quarterly Reports. I really hope you find these reports helpful for a number of reasons:
1. Show you how a portfolio of diversified stocks, bonds, and cash looks like.

2. Show how this diversified portfolio performs in coordination with the stock and bond markets.

3. The individual holdings are not selected at random, but for the purpose of doing a specific and important job in the portfolio. It’s always about the portfolio as a whole performing package, not about the individual holdings.

4. Each holding reflects a specific part of the domestic and international stock and bond markets.

5. While some of the stock asset classes have high correlations, stock and bond allocations are not. Including bonds in my portfolio helps preserve my money against a major and lengthy stock market crash. This is known as the stock bond split. My portfolio is 30% stocks and 70% bonds. My 30% exposure to stocks provides enough risk that my portfolio should keep up with inflation (This is not a guarantee, it is part of my diversification and asset allocation plan).

6. This portfolio is an example of a conservative portfolio for a 69-year-old retiree.

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Conversation with a Fee-Only Fiduciary 0

Conversation with a Fee-Only Fiduciary

Posted by on May 24, 2016 in Fee Only Fiduciary Financial Advisors, Fiduciary Standard, Financial Education/Literacy

The blog post will go help you recognise on-the-spot a fee-only fiduciary financial adviser. It is my vision of what a conversation might look like between a client and an adviser who genuinely looks out for your best interests. If you read this blog post you will be doing yourself a great favor and reducing your anxiety about your success of finding a financial adviser that is genuinely helpful, knowledgeable, a good listener and is competent and confident enough to teach clients to feel confident in their decisions.

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Book Review: Trusting Financial Advisers 0

Book Review: Trusting Financial Advisers

Posted by on May 23, 2016 in Consumer Finance, Fee Only Fiduciary Financial Advisors, Financial Education/Literacy

Here we go again. That five letter word T-R-U-S-T leads directly to our emotions. Who can we trust with our investments? How do we know that a fee-only financial adviser is trustworthy? In my previous blog post (Trust and Investing), John Bogle wrote that the only thing you can trust is that the economies of the entire planet will grow over time. As a do-it-yourself investor, you can eliminate trusting an adviser. I thought I will take up this topic again through a book review because many of you want help, and there are trustworthy fee-only advisers. This book might provide clues by the language which reflect trust that these advisers use.

According to the authors, you are not the only one who might not trust an adviser again. Most Americans are still reeling over the 2008 stock market crash. Because of 2008, trusting a financial adviser and the industry has radically changed according to the authors. They wrote: “The roots of negative selling run deep. It has a long history of success. But our culture has changed, and negative selling is no longer consistent with who we are as consumers…Yet salespeople still often find themselves in that gray area between creating fear and illustrating a need-which in turn costs them sales.”

While the book’s primary audience is for the financial professional, my review might help you gain confidence on how to evaluate a potential adviser. Remember, you are interviewing potential advisers, not the other way around. My review of this book addresses the trust problem head-on and it’s for people who are looking for a trustworthy financial adviser.

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Steve’s Investment Seminar Comments 0

Steve’s Investment Seminar Comments

Posted by on May 8, 2016 in Beginning Investing, Financial Education/Literacy, Passive Investment Strategy

Additional workshop results from retired participations at one of the country’s biggest senior centers, Mizell, located in American’s premier retirement destinations, Palm Springs CA. I was asked by my friend Dave to give my presentation that Dan and I had given in the last 3.5 years.

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Investment Workshop Evaluation Results 9

Investment Workshop Evaluation Results

Posted by on May 1, 2016 in Beginning Investing, Financial Education/Literacy, LAUSD Employees, PreK-12 Educators, Retirement Planning

Every time we offer one of these rare investment workshops, the workshop participants always comment that they want “more of the same.” Only two per year can be provided because of costs. UTLA and LAUSD do not fund these workshops. To their benefit, UTLA does provide the room, and Eva for paperwork and logistical support, and we thank UTLA for that support. On the other hand, LAUSD has rejected support for these workshops for years. We need to inform the Board of Education that financial literacy education is a significant benefit for their employees. If more employees knew of the district’s Award Winning 457(b) plan, more educators would save money for retirement and in the long term would save the district money.

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Three-Year Anniversary: PBS Frontline 401(k) Documentary! 0

Three-Year Anniversary: PBS Frontline 401(k) Documentary!

Posted by on Apr 23, 2016 in Fiduciary Standard, Financial Education/Literacy, Retirement Planning

On the evening of April 23, 2013, Dan and I watched at a Bed and Breakfast in Philadelphia the much-anticipated PBS Frontline “The Retirement Gamble”. We were in Philadelphia because we gave our presentation about our just released book, Late Bloomer Millionaires, to 100 Vanguard employees. We were part of Vanguard’s diversity outreach to hire LGBT employees. It was a very exiting time!

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