Late Starters

Therese’s Story 0

Therese’s Story

Posted by on Mar 26, 2016 in Beginning Investing, Consumer Finance, Fee Only Fiduciary Financial Advisors, Late Starters, Laymen to Laymen Financial Information

The next financial coming of age story has a frequent theme. Many people have money in different financial institutions, different banks, different mutual fund companies, different asset classes, sectors, or individual company stocks. Therese, my guest author, had little idea what, where and who was minding her money! Her money was so convoluted that a Rubik’s Cube was easier to solve. Soooooo, there is plenty of room for simplicity. Discover how Therese’s portfolio evolved from a complex and incoherent mess to a simple Vanguard portfolio after one visit with a fee-only financial adviser from Garrett Planning Network.

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