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K-12 School Districts and NAGDCA: Will They Ever Get Together? 0

K-12 School Districts and NAGDCA: Will They Ever Get Together?

Posted by on Dec 14, 2015 in Fiduciary Standard, Financial Education/Literacy, LAUSD Employees, National Save for Retirement Week, PreK-12 Educators

Before I report on my takeaways from this year’s conference, I want to discuss the background of NAGDCA and what this wonderful professional organization does for us. Our Los Angeles Unified School District “Retirement Investment Advisory Committee” members may not realize how important NAGDCA is in supporting and assisting us with our ultimate goal of reforming the 403(b) into a fiduciary powerhouse. Public K-12 403(b)s have never been a fiduciary. Thus, LAUSD took advantage of showing the world by providing a fiduciary example with our Award Winning 457(b). Sandy and I thank the committee for voting to pay for our expenses in each of the last four years. We thank Benefits Administration for paying the annual NAGDCA governmental membership fees. Without LAUSD’s institutional membership, Sandy and I could not attend. Finally, we thank this great organization for doing the right thing for all public sector employees.

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John Bogle Says….

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