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7 Ways to Assist Your Parents 0

7 Ways to Assist Your Parents

Posted by on Apr 9, 2017 in Financial Education/Literacy, Retired Couples, Retirement Planning

If you’ve got aging parents as well as children of your own to look after, you’re part of the “sandwich generation”. You may want to ensure secure future for both your parents and your kids, the stress of juggling these responsibilities can become overpowering. Retirement is becoming more expensive every day, but have your parents been investing for it?

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September 30 3rdQ, 2016 Portfolio YTD Returns 2

September 30 3rdQ, 2016 Portfolio YTD Returns

Posted by on Oct 5, 2016 in Beginning Investing, Do it yourself investors (DIY), Financial Education/Literacy, Investor, Low Cost Investors, Passive Investment Strategy, Retired Couples, Successful Wealth Building

The Stock and Bond Markets are up again in the third quarter of 2016. Read how my portfolio has returned 6.7% after nine months. It’s really not complicated because my portfolio is straightforward. It’s constructed to gain when the core asset classes increase and loses value when the market goes down.
Losing is an important part of investing process, if not the most important part. The majority of people don’t understand it because they sell when their investment declines. Never sell, unless it is part of your plan, not because of bear market conditions. Have a plan and stick with it during ups and downs.

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Four reasons seniors must have a financial conversation, and a PLAN! (First/3 Parts)

Posted by on Jan 30, 2016 in Retired Couples

Over the years, my late husband Dan and I attended complimentary dinners offered by financial advisers, timeshares sales or travel agents. Everyone should be familiar with these sales experiences. They did not short-shrift on the dinners offered by these sales promotions. The meals were first class. Most of the time we attended a financial presentation, we dined with brand new widows who had no clue about their finances. Their late husbands did all of the financial management and they never told their wives anything. And to be fair to the knowledgeable spouse, some of these unfortunate widows were not interested in learning either. Today’s blog post addresses this lack of communication about finances. It is a story about a retired couple who did not plan far enough ahead to address serious problems while the husband was alive.

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