menwomenwinningBoth Sexes Could Learn from Each Other About the Investing Process

Dan and I love reports that show the gradual and incremental commitment to wealth building produces higher returns than the get rich, competitive, short-term “success.” For now, this report, once again, shows that thinking long term is best displayed by female investors. Males trade more seeking short term gains than the females, which can be deleterious to investing decision-making and females pay higher investment costs than the males according to the report.

Still, females had a higher investment return in 2014 than the males

Read this comprehensive comparison of the 2014 returns on what exactly do women do (or not do) in which they earn higher returns than men. Females are not smarter about the stock market than men. Nobody is smarter when it comes to predicting where the market will go. It’s because the gals trade less.

Males can Teach Females about Keeping Costs Low

But there is something to be said about discovering what is the best behavior from each sex. Working together by sharing what we know about personal finance can have huge payoffs.

Bottom line: don’t trade, keep costs low, have a plan and stick with it over the long-term.

For the entire report:

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