Financial Blogs Worth a Look According to AARP

I agree with the American Association of Retired Persons’ (AARP) financial reporter Jean Chatzky. The following financial blogs are worth a look. The bold print is my 2-cents worth. Enjoy and happy holidays!

Johnny Moneyseed. The author of this blog and his wife are 30-something early retirees. Don’t let that dissuade you. Their posts on topics such as how to be a foodie on a limited budget and how much you can save by downsizing apply to folks of all ages.


I have met Mike Piper at the Boglehead conference. He is a Boglehead! Oblivious Investor. Certified financial planner Mike started the blog in 2007 to deal with the questions his friends and loved ones would bombard him with every tax season. He decided that, rather than offering answers over and over again, he’d put them in a book and online. Today readers will find succinct tips on tax and retirement planning and low-maintenance investing.Related

Smart Spending/Frugality

This guy is hilarious! But he makes a very boring topic, frugal living, into an artful masterpiece. Pure Genius  Mr. Money Mustache. The author and his wife retired, as he puts it, “at age 30 … on normal salaries with no lottery winnings or Silicon Valley buyout windfalls.” That was nine years ago. He believes a lot of personal finance advice is bunk and gives his take on everything from the real cost of commuting to the difference between being frugal and being cheap. Almost as good as his posts are his forums. MMM has a big, vocal community (aka The Mustachians). If you’re looking to get into a discussion on the topic of the day, this is your place.

More about frugal living. In my opinion, frugal living is the most important aspect of all personal finance because it not only makes you wealthy in the long run, but your life is much more simple and stress-free. You are basically happier. Trust me.  Wise Bread. The blog, which focuses on personal finance and frugal living, is written by multiple people and updates many times each day, with posts ranging from “25 Breakfast-for-Dinner Meals” to the “5 Best Travel Reward Credit Cards.” I’m a fan of the blog’s weekly Tweetchats (Thursdays, noon. EST) as well.

Psychology of Money

My college major was psychology with BA, MA, and Ph.D. in educational psychology. I benefited immensely and know where my head (and emotions) is regarding how money can play dumb tricks on my decision making. Here are a couple of blogs to help all of us watch our emotions!

Twitter Handle: @incblot. Daniel Crosby consults for companies looking to improve their financial-services products and advisory services. He also writes a stellar blog that gets to the heart of why we do things with our money that even we know aren’t in our best interests. When you land on the home page, jump right to the IncBlog for posts on “What You Fear vs. What You Should Fear” and “10 Things Smart Investors Never Say.”

I listen to the Freakonomics podcast religiously, while I work out at the gym and on my daily hike. Highly recommended. Very entertaining and informative. Freakonomics. OK, maybe you’ve heard of the book by University of Chicago economist Steven D. Levitt and co-author Stephen J. Dubner. But I love the musings on subjects ranging from whether the right music can get you out of a traffic ticket, to the price of margaritas and other seemingly random things.

Good Overall

WHAT A RESOURCE! As of November 2017 take a look at the top 50 financial blogs available:

Wow, this is how its done, S L O W L Y…. Get Rich Slowly. Though started by J.D. Roth in 2001 (“before blog was even a word,” as he notes), today GRS provides a number of voices on a wide array of topics, from high-deductible health insurance to money and happiness. It has an especially strong community — so again, if you’re looking to chat among like-minded people, this is a good place to go.

This financial blog is much like ours. We show just about everything I do to better manage our finances as consumers. I am not a professional! Consumerism Commentary. Luke Landes started his blog in 2003 to track his own finances publicly. He started making better decisions. Today the site offers others the opportunity to do the same through its Naked With Cash series. If you’re into things like auto investing and simple tricks to help you manage your money more effectively, this will be a good fit.

FINALLY, not a blog BUT the Best Investment Forum on the Planet!

Don’t forget where my late co-auther and husband, Dan, and I got informed by this forum over a decade ago. We also chatted with Mr. Jack Bogle and was the inspiration for my 2nd book, Against Powerful Interests, due out in early 2015: Click here for Bogleheads Investment forum!



  1. Hi Steve! I have a suggestion for a good blog to follow, too. It is run by Harry Sit. I like that he makes it a point to research his comments so that he is always technically correct. I would highly recommend this blog.

  2. Thanks Nora. I have added this to my list.
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