Another great 403b/457b workshop is scheduled for Saturday, November 15 at United Teachers Los Angeles Headquarters. It’s another all day event with several presenters including Dan and I with light breakfast and FREE LUNCH!

Dan and I will show and discuss what we did to plan for our retirement as teachers. We will also discuss the Emmy Awarding winning PBS Frontline documentary: The Retirement Gamble, featuring one of the participants, our very own elementary teacher, Crystal Mendez! (Watch the first 3 minutes to see her, but its recommended you watch the entire documentary). She will be on hand to talk about how she saved $160,000 at her young age (she just turned 34!).

  • Find out more about LAUSD’s Award Winning 457b plan!
  • Find out how to find a financial planner that doesn’t sell you anything, but looks after your best interests.
  • Find out how to diversify your portfolio to reduce risk and increase returns.
  • Find out why insurance products (annuities) are not appropriate for retirement planning.
  • Find out how the stock market can work for you, not against you. CalSTRS invests in the stock market to provide a decent pension plan for all of us, why not you and I for our 403b or 457b?

Please join us and get informed. Years from now when you have retirement money in your 403b or 457b plan to supplement your pension plan, you can retire in comfort and be grateful you attended. We hear people report that they wish they heard about this information years ago. Don’t be one of those people. You have a rare opportunity to get objective financial information. Get informed now. Do NOT keep putting this off.

Please download this flyer for registration information and please post it on your school site bulletin boards and make announcements at all of your meetings: Investment Workshop Flyer

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