moneyworryA former teacher worries about running out of money in retirement. Don’t we all? Look for this article in the Business Section of the LA Times this Sunday, September 28: Click here.

Other tidbits in the investment world

Some California Teachers wonder about Pension2 changes: If you are investing in Pension2, you have gotten a postcard and a letter about changes. Here is a discussion about those changes expressed by three Pension2 investors and Scott Dauenhauer, CFP, MSFP, AIF, consultant to CalSTRS answers:

Discussion 1:

Discussion 2:

Bogleheads also chimed in:

IMO: Pension2 is still a great low-cost retirement plan for California Teachers. I would still use it for my 403b or 457b if I were still working.

Good News From Vanguard: $3 Trillion in Assets and a Birthday!

Vanguard just had its 40th birthday on September 24, 1974. Here is an excellent article about Vanguard and the wonderful man who created it:

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