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Five Part-Time Jobs For Retirees Who Want To Put Their Experience To Good Use

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Retirement can be a wonderful thing for many seniors, with plenty of extra time to travel, tackle a few home renovations, and spend with grandchildren and family. But many seniors who have retired either find they have too much time on their hands or they need a little extra cash, and after having left the workforce after decades of training and hard work, they find it difficult to jump back into the swing of things.

While it can be intimidating to think about taking on another job — especially one that requires training in a new sector — it may not be as difficult if you focus on a part-time position doing something you already have experience in. Even if you can’t find a job in your former field of expertise, sometimes having skills for one career can be advantageous in another.

On the other hand, maybe it’s time to be a little adventurous. Another potential perk in taking on a part-time job after retirement? Trying something you’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t because your old schedule — or career — wouldn’t allow it.

Here are five of the best part-time jobs for seniors that allow a continuation of experience

1. Home Health Care with

If you have experience with nursing or in the medical field at large, you might enjoy a part-time position as a home health caregiver. This could include anything from helping disabled persons with meals and bathing to sitting with a terminally ill patient during the day so they aren’t alone. Because there’s such a wide variety of needs involved with these jobs, it may be helpful to try a site like to find job postings with detailed requirements. Keep in mind that some may require heavy lifting, some may be more flexible than others, and some may require nursing certification.

2. Substitute Teacher

Teaching and molding young minds can be one of the most fulfilling jobs to have, and many schools are in dire need of help during the school year. A background in education of any kind would translate easily to a job as a substitute teacher, but depending on the institution, you may not even need more than a certain amount of college credits under your belt. Check with your local school board to find out their needs and state requirements; you can even contact libraries and children’s museums to see if they have a need for an art teacher or story time reader.

3. Security

Experience in law enforcement or security work can easily lead into part-time work after retirement if you know where to look. Many malls, all-night pharmacies, banks, and private companies hire security guards and often they need employees who can fulfill various schedules. Most companies that hire security offer positions that are both armed and unarmed, so you can find the right job depending on your experience.

4. Dog-sitting with

Many people think that any animal-lover is capable of taking care of someone else’s pet for a few days, but it’s actually a big responsibility. For many pet owners, that animal is as important to them as a child is to a parent, and some pets have special medication and exercise needs. When work, vacation, or a sudden trip out of town calls, people all over the country find themselves in need of a responsible person to care of their fur-babies. offers a place for pet owners and potential sitters to meet up, determine if the job is right for everyone involved, and even sets up a payment system. It’s a great job for anyone with experience working with animals, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to bond with an animal at the same time. If you don’t have the time to commit to pet sitting, you can also sign up to provide dog walking services.

5. Bookkeeping/Accounting with H&R Block

Experience with either of these occupations is a huge plus around tax season, when firms like H&R Block are at their busiest and are in need of seasoned professionals. You may be able to find part-time or temporary work with local tax preparation companies, but if you are an accredited accountant you may also be able to offer your services to individuals on your own. It may be a good idea to contact a couple of nearby tax prep offices to ask what they charge in order to get an idea of how much to set your fee at.

Putting all those years of hard work to use after retirement is a great way to get back into the working world, even if it’s only part time, seasonal, or temporary. And if you’re ready for something new or a bit different, finding a job in the general area of your previous occupation is a great way to ease into it.

Author Bio: Joyce Wilson is a retired teacher with decades of experience. Today, she is a proud grandmom and mentor to teachers in her local public school system. She and a fellow retired teacher created to share creative ideas and practical resources for the classroom.

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