Three-Year Anniversary: PBS Frontline 401(k) Documentary!

Three-Year Anniversary: PBS Frontline 401(k) Documentary!



This documentary was broadcast nationally about high costs and often confusing choices of the vast majority of 401(k) plans. This broadcast was originally produced to report about the 403(b), but the producers decided to use the widely used 401K plan instead. While the 401k plans have ERISA guidelines overseeing the plan, the majority of employees can be stuck with high costs, commissions, and inappropriate investment choices along with the 403b in the K-12 world.

I think we can all agree here that our k-12 403b is far worse than any 401k plan because teachers have absolutely no protection at all. We were disappointed that the film clips taken about the dismal state of the 403b were left on the editing floor.

The producers told me it cost about $500,000 to produce the Retirement Gamble and it was a huge success, winning a documentary award. Would it was be great if our 403b community could find donors and foundations to fund a specific 403b documentary?

Some of you never met Dan. We are shown exactly 14 minutes and 30 seconds into the broadcast and at the very end walking around our retirement community with our dog Sammy.

The interviews with many of the principal professions especially with my investment hero, John Bogle, compared to insurance executives and their wholly different views of investing are hilarious!

Of course, the National Tax-deferred Savings Association condemned the broadcast, but the National Association of Personal Financial Advisers said in their press release, they applauded it. The first only looks out for their self-conflicted annuity interests and the second looks out for our best interests.

Enjoy the Broadcast:…irement-gamble/

photo (19)

Video Crew getting ready to be film Dan and I in our Dining Room

photo (2)

The Producer: Marcela

Note: I am wearing this t-shirt at the end of the broadcast

photo (3)

Assistant Producer: Nesa

Don’t Forget to look at the 349 Comments about the Broadcast



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