trustClick here on our society’s problem about leadership and trust. There is probably not much that we already don’t know. But the author starts with the leadership model of Nelson Mandela. Who could possibly fill that great leader’s shoes?

Click here to read what John Bogle (The financial world’s “Nelson Mandela”) says about leadership and trust in our financial system and explains why Dan and I have our money in this great man’s company, Vanguard, which he founded almost four decades ago.

IMO, John Bogle’s best book is Enough. It’s about as thoughtful and reflective of this great man’s financial, political and social thinking as any of our contemporary philosophers. Enough is must read about leadership and trust, the dire need for it in our culture and an inspiration for us.

What can we do? Plenty.

  • We can support this great man’s legacy and earn a decent return on our precious retirement savings plan by opening a low-cost Vanguard account.
  • We can help others who are undecided about their finances.

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