We bought a Tesla!

What major purchase helps save the environment and creates American jobs? Tesla Motors. Yesterday was an exciting day. We picked up our Tesla, the 100% electric car, Model S. What a beauty and with power that competes with the sporty ICEs (Internal Combustion Engines).

Dan and I are 66 and 72 and planned on purchasing electric cars for a long time. It’s expensive, but we could afford it as we saved in our 403bs many decades ago and that money grew to fund our retirement and for major purchases. Since the 2008 crash, our portfolio has grown back and more. All the while we funded home improvements and also bought the Nissan electric car (Leaf) and solar panels (to charge our own electricity).

Most important, we wanted to use our money to fund ideas that we value. With the purchase of solar and electric cars, we are doing our part to encourage industrial innovation here at home, staying away from the greedy traditional car dealerships and to create American jobs (This video clip show how you and I can create 1,000,000 American jobs right now: https://youtube.googleapis.com/v/4FrGxO2Fn_M).

Another major reason we purchased these cars is that the maintenance expense is low. We have 18,000 miles on our Leaf and all we paid so far was $48 dollars for brake fluid and a cabin air filter for $15.00. That’s it! No dirty oil changes, or oil filters, no transmissions, no grease jobs, no 12 Volt batteries to change and no cooling systems. Wonderful!

We are proud and very fortunate to do our part in getting off importing expensive foreign and domestic polluting petroleum, saving the environment and creating sustainable and gainful employment for Americans.

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  1. Oh, it’s BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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