Welcome to My Personal Finance Website, Los Angeles Teachers!

Welcome to My Personal Finance Website, Los Angeles Teachers!

WELCOME Los Angeles Educators

(September 2015): Late Bloomer Wealth!  Scroll down for a CALL TO ACTION!

Our names are Steve Schullo (Taller one) and my late hubby, Dan Robertson, with our dog Sammi in front of our home in Rancho Mirage, CA. We are retired educators. Our blog and our personal finance books are about how two educators without any formal financial training, started saving late, made mistakes, learned from these experiences and still managed to save enough for our retirement so we could say adios to the classroom earlier than most educators.

I (Steve) worked as an elementary teacher at Hoover, Politi and Alta Loma, and was a technology coach for Cochran MS for 24 years before retiring in 2008. Dan is a retired teacher from LAUSD, where he started teaching sp. ed. in the 1960s, went on to Cal-State Los Angeles and subsequently developed a computer training program at the LGBT Van Ness Recovery House. He also wrote Special Ed grants.

We both saved for retirement in our 403(b) plans. But before you start your plan, read my free downloadable book: Just scroll down on the right, register for our blog and get the free book: Fighting Powerful Interests. You can always opt out later. We have tons of information and links to financial experts that Dan and I trust relating to personal finance. All of our information is based on our experience. We are not professional financial advisers.

Take a look around. But first, to help you get started here are some important prior articles and links about the LAUSD’s 403b and 457b plans specifically for LAUSD employees.

Click here for numerous reviews from people who know about what we have done to help teachers save for retirement. Here is one book reviewer’s example: Pure, unadul­ter­ated and hon­est finan­cial advice from a cou­ple of guys who have per­se­vered through every­thing life has thrown at them. It’s rare to get such a per­sonal account of someone’s finan­cial life, Late Bloomer Mil­lion­aires is really a finan­cial mem­oir.  Steve and Dan walk you through their finan­cial lives and give you an all access pass to their strug­gles, tri­umphs, defeats and their vic­to­ries. I can tell you this, you will NOT read another per­sonal finance book like this one. It is more than just a finan­cial book, it’s a heart­warm­ing jour­ney of love, rela­tion­ship and growth that uses per­sonal finance as the cen­tral theme. This is non­fic­tion at its best and an adven­ture worth expe­ri­enc­ing. By the end you will feel smarter and empow­ered finan­cially and full of hope that you can do this thing called lifeI mean, retire­ment!
—Scott Dauen­hauer CFP, MSFP, AIF scott@meridianwealth.com 

A. CALL TO ACTION: The 457(b) Roth is Coming to LAUSD. BUT Teacher Larry Shoham from Hamilton HS needs your support: roth4lausd@gmail.com . Check out his guest article about the Roth’s phenomenal strategy and incentive to save for retirement. http://latebloomerwealth.com/retirement-planning/a-case-for-the-roth-457b-at-l-a-unified-school-district-or-your-employer You are not required to do anything. Larry and the advisory committee that I serve need to show the higher ups at LAUSD a list of people who want the 457b Roth. Please, PLEASE send a message to Larry. If you have questions, just ask either Larry or me.

B. All Available 403(b) and 457(b) Options to LAUSD employeeshttp://latebloomerwealth.com/lausdretirementinvestmentadvisorycommitteemeeting

C. Web­sites: Financial Literacy For Teachers

1. National Endow­ment for Finan­cial Edu­ca­tion (NEFE) • 1331 17th Street, Suite 1200 • Den­ver, CO 80202 • 303–741-6333. NEFE High School Finan­cial Plan­ning Pro­gram — http://www.hsfpp.orgLOGIN FOR TEACHER OR STUDENT MATERIALS.
Cal­i­for­nia Con­tact — http://www.hsfpp.org/state-programs.aspx
3. Uni­ver­sity of Cal­i­for­nia Coop­er­a­tive Extension–Riverside
Con­nie Costello:  connie.costello@ucr.edu   (951) 827‑5241

D. Here are Materials for Teaching Personal Finance to your students for all grade levels. Inspired by LAUSD award-winning teacher Rafe Esquith and developed by Vanguard. All grade levels. Check it out: https://about.vanguard.com/community-involvement/promoting-financial-literacy/


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