How is $2.46 Billion Invested in Volunteer Retirement Plans?

Let’s Start with the Award Winning 457(b) Plan

First Quarter, 2016 Reports

Presented at the Monthly Meeting of LAUSD Retirement Investment Advisory Committee, April 21, 2016

All LAUSD 457(b) Assets 1Q Report

Total 457(b) Assets: Just short of $100 million in the Low-cost, Award Winning, Genuine Investment Retirement Plan. 5,423 Fortunate LAUSD Employees are invested in the 457b plan.

Next, Let’s Take a Look at the Higher Cost 403(b) Annuity Products and Commissioned-Based Broker-Dealer Mutual Funds*

Total Assets and total number of LAUSD employees (“participants”)

All LAUSD 403(b) Vendors Assets

Grand Asset Total for All Participants and All 27 Vendors is $2.46 BILLION! Yes, that’s a “B” for billion (Note: The total is not shown here, but it’s in another report).

*Tiaa-Cref and CalSTRS Pension 2 (Voya) are low cost, no load, none commissioned mutual funds



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