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Truly committed people do make a difference – Barbara A. Healy April 21, 2015

“Steve tells a very engaging true story about taking on bureaucrats with combined tools of integrity and tenacity. He is a true advocate for all investors but especially the K-12 education employee. This is a great narrative on actual events that lead to “retirement plan” reform at Los Angeles Unified School District. I am honored to know Steve and be part of this story. I am honored to work with all the Retirement Investment Advisory Committee and LAUSD and applaud their commitment and hard work.”

A shocking account of a bad LAUSD 403(b) plan that was open-access by California state … – Yogibearbull November 29, 2015.

A shocking account of a bad LAUSD 403b plan [Los Angeles Unified School District] that was open-access by California state law. Open-access meant that any vendor could be listed resulting in a huge number of plan vendors and options. Not all 403(b)s are like that. A solution was found by switching to LAUSD 457(b). The CA state law should be changed as open-access conflicts with fiduciary guidelines from the IRS. In my retirement plan in Illinois, both 403(b) and 457(b) with selected options were available.


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